Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I looked up and noticed the time today and it was 11:22 - since that date is also my birthday, I starting thinking about numerology, which is  something that I know little about.  But I remembered this bit of information found on the Carlini Institute website that I thought to pass along. Heather has a wonderful site that also talks about the effects of solar flares, and many other interesting things.

Numerology is a science of numbers.  It has been around for 25000 years or more.  Pathagoras was the famous Greek mathematician born in 580BC.  His theory was to take man from the Level l (egocengtriity) to the level 9 (that of selflessness).   The world is made up of numerical sequences just as sacred geometry shows us and it is one of my favourite subjects.
One of the phenomena which is occurring these days to let us know how our journey is progressing, is the appearance of a series of numbers. The numbers have a message for us to pay attention to.  Numbers have their own vibration or frequency and they speak an energy language.  You may find yourself waking up at night and it is 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55.
According to various sources  these numbers mean the following:
111    New beginnings, showing that the energy is moving in a new direction.
222    It is time to be in the ascension process
333    Decision number.  It is time to make a decision.
444    You have just completed an important phase.
555    Christ conscious energy.  Very significant.
666    Alignment of the body, the mind and the Soul.
777    Integration of the ego with the higher spiritual frequencies of the Soul.
888    Symbolizes infinity where the physical merges with the spiritual.
999    Completion
000    Null zone energy in which you are in a phase shift into a new energy field.
11:11 Beginning a new phase of development.  An energy portal has just opened for you.
12:12 A cosmic connection.  A bridge to the future.
Time to pay attention, in other words, to the journey you are on.


Kathy G said...

"Time to pay attention, in other words, to the journey you are on."

Always good advice.

maggie's garden said...

Thanks for giving a reference to the numbers. So often I see these and had no idea of the meaning. For some reason I've been seeing 12:26 on the clock often...I used to live at that address, and it also has other significant dates attached to it. But strongest is the 11:11 and 12:12...thanks again for the information.

Hilary said...

I'm going to paste this into a stickie. I often wonder what each sequence might represent. Thanks.

Bruce Coltin said...

Random numbers often appear to me to be in some significant order. By the way, my birthday is 11/21 and when 11:21 comes up on a clock, I think that it is there especially for me, though I don't know why.

luksky said...

I have always been intrigued with astrology so when I read your post "Written in the Stars" it got me to snooping around some with numerology. I was blown away with how each of my family members life number pegged them to a T....especially mine!!! I haven't noticed any specific numbers popping out at me lately but I plan on taking more notice.

Rob-bear said...

Interesting what one can see in numbers.

Brian Miller said...

paying attention to the journey you are on...nice...interesting you looked up right at that moment too...hmmm....

T said...

Love it! Maybe math addict will stop by and give us her interp, too. It's nice to see all these meanings in one place. Thanks for the info, Nancy!

Natalie said...

It has been a 555 day for me. Thanks for the list. ♥

DJan said...

What fun to see these number meanings, Nancy. Thanks for them, and I feel like Hilary: I'll paste these on a stickie so I can look at them when they come up!

Cloudia said...

How fascinating!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Pat said...

Very interesting reading!

Nancy said...

Kathy - I guess we should always be doing that, right?

Maggie - I see 3:25 often.

Hilary - I think I will do that, too.

Bruce - So do I, LOL! I always think it is for me...11/22 just feels personal, for some reason.

luksky - It is because of the vibration of numbers, I think. I'm new to numerology, so I don't understand all of it.

Rob-bear - Some would say too much, LOL!

Brian - I do that often - 11:22 is a number that pops up often.

T - I know, we could use Math Addict right now.

Natalie - Wow, 555 is a good one.

DJan - I've been paying more attention to numbers, so I will do the same thing.

Cloudia - Aloha!

Pat - I thought so.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Nancy, you're getting too smart for me.

jimmy jam said...

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