Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What makes your fingers fly?

I have been having an ongoing private conversation with a fellow blogging friend lately about the topics we choose to write about. She is an inspired writer and her blog is never boring. We chatted about the blogosphere giving us an opportunity to discuss topics of real merit. The topics that make you think, make you vehemently agree or disagree, and can cause one to possibly lose blogging friends. We are in a very unique period of history, and there is plenty happening.

We discussed the fact that some of us may choose a more banal writing style because we really don't want to appear controversial. I have to agree that sometimes I feel like I can be a bit overwhelming. I then choose to hit a more upbeat style for a while. I choose this because I feel the news is full of bad happenings, and life is so hard for so many right now. Not to mention I erased this blog at one point because I felt it had gone in a very negative direction. It was during the election and fall of our economy, and lasted all of three days. The feeling was that there was enough of that stuff out there, and I wanted to go in a different direction.

I still feel that way. But I also have to be who I am, and talk about those things that I feel are important. They are not always positive. But they are often the topics that make my fingers fly over the keyboard. I am a very passionate person, and my blog is my chance to let it flow, so to speak. To talk about the issues of our times that are having an impact on our world, however negative.

I had a conversation a month or so ago with a blogger who is a great writer. She had quit blogging because she felt she didn't want to participate because she didn't have anything positive to say - her life was very difficult at that point. Which has me wondering - are we becoming too worried about appearing nice? Are we losing men bloggers because we want to talk about only the positive/feel good stories?

What do you think? Do you get turned off by esoteric or negative topics? What do you look for in a blog that you follow? And by the way, what makes your fingers fly?


Natalie said...

Go read my blog! We are in tune again.xx♥

pam said...

I think that blogs are an extension of ourselves. Our emotions are both positive and negative and unless you are an insanely cheerful person, probably some negativity will come out in your writing.

Lydia said...

A post right up my alley! I've been disturbed by how temperate my blog has become, as opposed to when I first began blogging and wrote more freely thinking that no one was reading what I wrote. Which is why I'm enjoying devoting some days during the Copenhagen Climate Change convention to my biggest passion: the environment, i.e. our Earth.

I also feel I'm "holding myself back" the more I venture out into the blogosphere and see the sheer genius that is out there. We have some rare creatures among us, real artists in our Time, and I find what makes my fingers fly is writing comments at their blogs! Maybe I'm in a time of exploration of and appreciation for other blogs/bloggers.....but I feel a stirring to return to myself lately and it's growing stronger.

Funny you'd ask this tonight because my blogroll is getting longer & longer and this evening I looked at all the headline topics of latest posts and which one did I gravitate toward? One of the more irreverent among the blogs I love (The Rant) with this latest post titled: Jammin With the Dickster.
So, no, I don't need or seek all the feely-goody stuff. I love the stuff that tests me, makes me laugh or go "y'eah!", pokes at me, provokes me even - as much as I love those brilliant photographers and writers that fill my days with meaning.

John Atkinson said...

Life is not all rosy, but I look for a theme in a blog I can follow. Only for the last two months have I had a chance to go blogging. I've noticed the follower are in lock step with the blogger and always agree in fear of being rejected from the group. Since I type with one finger few things make my finger fly. But when I do comment I let my feelings fly no matter what. I like your blog because you are a heartfelt person who promotes goodwill. So, keep on keeping on!

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

This is a don't get me started topic...

Personally (speaking for the entire male population), I enjoy most the blogs of writers who have opinions. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, i respect opinions, and everyone's rights. What I don't respect are fence sitters.

I make my blog very personal, with stories of my wife, friends and goals. When I first started, I was very bland. I enjoy my blog 100% more since making the decision to be personal.

The bloggers that I like to follow are the ones that have personality. There are a million blogs out there. It is easy to ignore and eventually remove and then replace a boring blog

OK, that's enough... good topic, look forward to reading the next 50 comments

OK, that's enough

Unknown said...

Yep, we're human, so good and bad is threaded throughout our lives. Some choose not to talk about these things, some choose to do so.

Personally, I stay away from blogging about politics and religion, not because I fear rejection, but because i don't feel expert enough to do it well.

I gravitate to blogs that have personality, sometimes attitude, but always honesty.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

What a pertinent post Nancy. Lydia has beautifully expressed most of what I feel.

I was just thinking yesterday how much I feel I need to tone myself down when I put together a post. For example my current post is about two photographs and the comments are rolling in. When I share posts with topics that have more 'meat on the bones' there are less comments, but the comments I do get are so full of insight and depth. That gets me excited.

I have posted a few controversial topics where I was inundated with comments and that made me think many bloggers were hungry for more 'content'.....but not all the time.

People are so busy, I think they want to maintain connections but they do not have the time to read 'essays' everywhere....and that has to be respected.

I do not want to dither away my precious time. I like to read posts that are provocative, that inform or inspire, that make me rethink my position, that even confront me.

I love the beauty, poetry, real life stories we find in the blogosphere, but I get really excited by some intellectual stimulation.

I don't mind negative...that's a part of life...but I prefer not to read crude rants, or bloggers who are always bemoaning their circumstances. Once in a while is fine - just not as the main, every post theme.

But you throw that into the mix of who you are and write authentically about what is relevant and meaningful to you at the moment, and hope it touches others out there too.

The Good Cook said...

Interesting questions you pose... Since my blog's essence is Cooking - I don't have much controversy. I have posted some personal things but certainly nothing too personal. For instance, I would not post about family troubles, rivalry's, etc... I just don't choose to be that public. The biggest personal opinion I post about is our food supply - and that is very important to me. Some other people, not so much...

Your blog is a commentary - that is the essence of your posts. By all means, post what you feel - your opinion is always intriguing and thought provoking.

Leah J. Utas said...

Nice gets us nowhere. Years ago when I wrote a twice-monthly column for the newspaper I realized that people respect you for taking a stand. They like to agree with you and thank you for saying what they couldn't, and they especially liked disagreeing because they could point out that you are wrong, why you are wrong, why you've always been wrong and what you can do to change and finally be right about something in your life.
It was those responses that made me enjoy my work and writing my opinion.
No one can be relentlessly positive or relentlessly negative and be taken seriously.
Negativity has its place and esoteric topics are fun. As long as it makes us think, then have at it.
Sorry if I've gone one a bit. The short answer is write what you feel and we'll be here.

Anonymous said...

My blog is very personal. As you know, I'm completely open and honest about everything - so what I choose to write about is usually whatever is on my mind at the moment when I sit down to write.

Right in the header of my blog it says "This is where I explore my thoughts and feelings and put them into words. You might find it interesting, or not - makes no difference to me" So I write about what moves me, what I'm happy about, what I'm sad about, angry about, worried about, etc. I don't think much about how people will perceive it (although I usually give a warning before writing about anything political or controversial)

I post under my real name, and many of my real life friends, family, colleagues, and even students read my blog. For that reason, I do occasionally censor myself when it comes to personal stories about other people. There have been times when I've wished I could write about a personal conversation I've had with someone, but I can't do that without betraying their confidence or giving away their identity. When I write about other people, I usually use only their first initial, and unless it's public knowledge, I avoid saying anything that might identify them.

But when I write about myself, I put it all out there. If it's in my head, it will end up on the blog eventually. Writing is the process I use to figure out what I'm feeling.

Brian Miller said...

a great conversation you began and then shared to begin again...i am liberal in the taste of the blogs i follow, i think it gives balance...i have friends that delight me daily, those that make me think, those that help me see the different aspects of a situation. i tend to stick my foot in topics that may be controversial at times...ignoring them does not make them go away and i find freedom in writing about them...i do try to keep my own balance though and if i get prickly for a few days i try to lighten it a bit.

DJan said...

I like what Jeff said: writing is a process I use to find out what I'm feeling. This is true for me, too. I just started another blog that I have given myself permission to explore my feelings as he does. But my "main" blog I strive to keep brief and relevant to my followers. I would not write about religion because I respect other viewpoints. I really dislike proselytizing (trying to convert me). But politics these days is another thing altogether.

What makes my fingers fly (or my brain to itch to respond) are posts like this one that make me wonder about stuff. I do edit, but that's that I did for years. I don't read long rambling posts, I begin to skip over them but I rarely delete someone from my list unless they REALLY piss me off!

I do look for people to give me a reason to blog, not a reason to despair.

ellen abbott said...

I like blogs that make me think. I like ones that are humorous (although how funny I think they are sometimes depends on the mood I am in). I don't read political blogs because they just make me angry mostly and I don't like being angry. I like controversy though. There are other types I don't read...those about cooking (sorry!) because I don't cook, those that are all about child rearing because my kids have been grown for 10 years now, those that are about illness. I will read a blog that has all those elements once in a while though.

The ones that make my 'fingers fly' I guess are the ones that hit a chord with me, my eclectic views on things. I guess I am more controversial in my comments than in my own posts but mostly because whatever I am commenting about, I haven't written about myself.

I started my blog as a sort of personal journal so I say what I think and feel. I'm not as intense as I once was, because, I like to think, I'm a little smarter now. I've never much cared what other people think of me and that is still mostly true, but now, I don't want to be purposely offend so I will try to say what I think and feel without being offensive. Maybe that has made me more bland. I don't know. Maybe because I am content for the most part now, I've already worked through so many things years ago. There was plenty of angst in my life in the past. I just feel like there is so much meanness in the world that I don't want to add to it for 'fun'.

I accrue followers slowly and I wonder about that when I see other blogs that are, to me, inane and have way more followers than me in the same length of time. I have recently lost a follower and I know from checking the stats that there are followers who no longer visit. Am I boring? Did I offend?

Maybe I should spice it up some...when I am not so busy.

Anonymous said...

Negative blogs don't turn me off at all. A blog should be original, fun to read, and a little personal, too. Negative posts can be those things. I'm not much of a fan of theme blogs, you know, pictures only, or fashion only, something like that. I'm very curious about what goes on in one's mind and other people's lives, the things they think about and keep them busy.
And what makes my fingers fly... I don't know. Funny things, travel, life lessons, people, experiences... Just life, I guess.

Jo said...

Excellent point...! I almost deleted my blog a couple of days ago, I had become so bored with it. I used to write about all sorts of topics, but I found myself feeling a bit -- marginalized -- by the bloggers who post about "nice" things every day. And then just yesterday I read a blog by a wonderful, brilliant young woman in Israel. She said she had noticed that with blogs, some of the very best, well-written, intelligent blogs were the ones who had very few commenters and almost no followers. However, many of the blogs that started to get a lot of followers and upwards of 60 - 90 comments a day started pandering to their readers. They were nice, they were charming and they were boring as h*ll. I found that a very interesting observation.

As I started to get more followers, I found myself doing the same thing (pandering), and boring myself. Instead of writing for myself, I would think "Is this something people would like?" In the last few days I have reverted back to posting about more (slightly) controversial things, and I have had two followers drop off. Well, bah humbug to them.

I think blogging about current events, music, art, history, politics, religion and SO MUCH MORE does not have to be a negative thing. It can be exciting and stimulating, but it does not have to be negative. Serious issues can also be positive -- even fun.

I think if I read one more blog about Christmas decorations, recipes, snowflakes on mittens and whiskers on kittens, I will scream! The blogosphere is full of intelligent people, what are they doing!?

I agree with A Year On the Grill when he says "Personally (speaking for the entire male population), I enjoy most the blogs of writers who have opinions. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, I respect opinions, and everyone's rights. What I don't respect are fence sitters."

I am going to take my blog back in the direction it was, and I don't care if every single one of my followers drops off. I want to write for me, not for them.

I have been meaning to do a post about this for ages.

Paula said...

Hmmm, my blog is MY little corner in this virtual world. Everyone is welcome to read and comment, however if they dont like what they read, I invite them to move on. To seek what they search for... somewhere else... Love from Munich

Nancy said...

Wow, thanks everyone for your well thought out responses. I think the thing I am taking away from all this is that we need to be authentic. Editing ourselves may still be important. But worrying about writing things only for followers will dim and marginalize our truly important topics - often the ones we started writing about in the first place.

Great comments.

Land of shimp said...

Nancy, you raise an interesting point, and I can only speak for myself on the subject, obviously. I read all sorts of different blogs but I don't often post about anything particularly controversial. I comment extensively wherever I go, though and about a huge wealth of subjects.

There's a reason -- I'm more than willing to share my opinions, when asked, as often blog posts do. However, the things I chose to write about are...mostly mundane, not everyday happenings exactly...but rather, I end up telling stories with personal meaning, and often a point (jeez, I hope, at least).

When I am participating in a conversation, or joining a blog comment, I participate in that conversation freely. When I am starting one, the things that are on my mind tend to be about human nature...and not necessarily in a negative way.

So, I do think I have a rather bland, life-stories sort of blog, but it is because that is my chosen focus. I'm actually a fairly well informed, and decently well read individual...but I've found that I'm comfortable in my opinions. I often don't feel the need to share them for the sake of sharing them, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. I share them to participate in conversations.

I'm very opinionated, and I know my own mind...and I guess what I'm saying is that often, that is enough for me.

I like all sorts of different blogs. Blogs of storytellers, blogs of activists, blogs of people who live in lands far away, but I when I choose to write? I write what I choose, and what I think is important...which is generally about people, and as dopey as it may sound, trying to view the world as kindly as possible.

And there is a reason for that. I'm not much for belief systems...I think I'm too bullheaded to subscribe to any belief system other than the one I defined for myself. I did pick up things along the way though, that struck me as great ideas. Gandhi said something like, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

That's why most of the stuff I write are generally about people. The ones around me, and why I like them.

My political views tend to be liberal, but when I seek to state, or persuade? It generally isn't about controversial things, just things that unite us.

Bleh, that sounds drippy! Hehe. Ah well.

Whatever the case may be...I clearly like your blog, and don't find it negative. I like Jo's blog, too.

I like to read the thoughts of others in the many forms and subjects they take.

harmony said...

I wanted to thank you for your correspondence with a mutual blogger. I, too, enjoy her musings and style. I am glad that she is back.
Great post--your blog always makes me think and inspires me to question what is important in life.

Spiritual Journey said...

What I look for in a blog that I follow is if the topic being discussed resonates with me, be it positive or negative.

Thanks for checking with me. Everything's alright. I keep reading your posts while I keep on writing in my private blogs.

Joanne said...

I cast my vote with The Good Cook. Different blogs have different focuses. My blog is very focused on living a choice life, initiating thoughts on how we keep our passions in our daily lives. So that's most of what I talk about, though I'd imagine some of "me" comes through in my words? Usually in other blogs, I look for a connection, either in personality or theme. Whether it's a gardening, or music, or photo or commentary blog, I guess what matters is that the blogger engage my interest in some way.

Lillian Robinson said...

Negative blogs can be very interesting... even humorous! They can also inform us, helping to open our eyes to things we need to see.

I tend to shy away from the whiny ones though. People that want to complain about how every one is so wrong and mean to them...

I have written many about many negative topics myself, especially on my essays blog, from homelessness to concerns of the aged, including suicide. My blogs aren't meant to make people always smile.

I believe there is a big difference between negative topics and negative attitudes.

~JarieLyn~ said...

First, that is one mean typewriter in your photo. :)

Nancy, even when you post about negative events or things happening around the country, you, yourself are not a negative person. I think that is what makes the difference for me. Your attitude is about improving and growing, and that is not negative.

There are some blogs that I have stopped following or do not read regularly because all they do is complain in a woes is me attitude or vibe. That is the thing I cannot handle. It's the victim mentality that drives me nuts and pushes me away.

I prefer to read blogs where I can learn something, make me smile, inspire me, and make me feel good.

Your blog is very informative and interesting. I doubt I will be leaving you, no matter what topic you cover. You have a strong voice and although I don't always agree with you, I do appreciate and enjoy listening to what you have to say.

So, just continue to be authentic. Let it flow.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I think a blog needs to be authentic, and real...transparency without bitterness or vindictiveness ...that is what people long for...and your blog is JUST that, Nancy...I LOVE IT! Love you! Janine XO

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

I always struggle with the feeling that I'm not being positive enough. But then, I also want to be true to myself... So I just hope I can find a balance and that when I'm going through more "down" periods that I don't lose readers because of it.

But that's what I love about the blog world, you can always take the opportunity to be yourself, AND get a glimpse into other peoples selves at the same time.

By the way, thanks so much for the encouragement today. I know I've been hiding out lately, but it's nice to know I've been missed! :) :)

Hilary said...

A blog needs to be exactly what you the blogger wants it to be. Nothing more and nothing less.

I simply want to share my photos and occasionally my thoughts. They're rarely deep but it's my creative outlet and that's all I want out of blogging.

As for what I get out of reading others' blogs? It's exactly what you have to offer. I'm here to read what you have to say and if it doesn't interest me too much, I simply won't comment. You'll note that I usually do comment on yours. ;)

Stella Jones said...

Hello Nancy, I think we should say what we really feel. You can't please everybody. I like a bit of controversy, but I also like the pretty Blogs and the comfy Blogs and the design Blogs 9although none of those are interested in mine.) I have been disillusioned lately because I get so few comments, yet many views at my Profile. What does that mean? Does it mean I don't have anything to say? or perhaps I say too much and don't leave room for comments. I have noticed that the most comments I got were for a baby cardigan I made and a baby hedgehog I showed, so maybe that says it all.
Those people who don't stay with you because they don't agree or like what you say are probably best off departing anyway.
Keep writing.
Blessings, Star

Whitney Lee said...

Obviously this is a topic that makes people's fingers fly!
I do like blogs that make me think, as do most of your commenters.
I don't think that negative is all bad. It is out there and pretending it isn't changes nothing. I tend to be interested in how others handle negativity, be it situational or political or whatnot. It's often nice to not feel that I am alone in tough times.

Sylvia said...

I would say... Blogging is a sort of Freedom. It doesn't matter if you appear right or not. By writing about the important things you are making History. Isn't it the way how History was written? The world wasn't always - and still isn't a beautiful place. As I see it - and sometimes it is very hard for me too - don't stop! Don't hide your feelings. There are always persons willing to see the truth, not to hide it behind a beautiful veil. Your work is full of worth. Be strong.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Oh, that typewriter!
I think that whether you're blogging or writing a novel, nonfiction book or anything else, it's best to be true to your own voice - your passions, your interests and issues and concerns. Negative or positive: who cares? It's about your passions, whatever they are.

Von said...

That was a good post!!! So many opinions and thoughts!
I tend to follow any blogs I think look interesting in whatever sphere and give them a try.I stop following if there's too much personal stuff, too much moaning and grizzling or too much preoccupation with self.I'm interested in most things if it's a heartfelt opinion,passionately held view or there's something to learn.
I'm currently running four blogs, not because I'm the multiple-personality type but one is serious, another for a community group and the others for fun.The animals and birds in my life have their own blog (yes, I know!some of you love it!) and the other is for my own enjoyment and reflects what I'm up to, preoccupied with,interested in, angry about etc.At present it's gone a bit girly, probably a reaction to a Winter of hard physical work.I am honest and generally say what I think regardless, while trying not to be deliberately hurtful or wounding.There's too much violence and hurt in the world already, it's a relief to just have fun,hang out with some like minded souls!
Thanks for your views Nancy, always value what you say.

Brenda Susan said...

Bloggers LOVE to blog about blogging! I like reading about blogging too. My blog is personal & I stay away from politics or anything negative & realize that I am being redundant there!

I don't read negative stuff or really long posts, reading online is my entertainment, my getaway to look into someone else's lifestyle for a bit. I am drawn to photos of the writer because I am just plain nosey & curious!

My blog is my own secret, so I have complete freedom & that makes it very fun for me. It allows me to spill my heart without judgement or hurt feelings. Thanks for this post, it's great!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Good post. Thought provoking.I was following one un-named blogger that went on and on about her problems to such a degree I quit reading her posts. I like a well rounded blog. We all go through good times and bad and should feel free to write about what we want to. I just didn't want to get depressed with a daily dose of her troubles. I never left nasty comments or said anything, I just bowed out. As for me, I'm all over the map...

Marlene said...

The Magic of blogging always astounds me! We all go thru negative bouts...and I am sure they reflect on our blogs or even comments we leave..but the bottom line for me is..what other place can we find a collective source of opinions and feelings left behind for us to tap into...when we need them validate our feelings or challange them OR just simply waken a passion in us we thought we no longer had...It's almost like magic out blog world

Anonymous said...

Honestly Nancy, I envy your wonderfully controversial blogs. I feel like I don't have the knowledge to write a post that is so painfully informative. If people cannot share with you their opinion on the matter you're writing about, even if it is different from their own, what will they ever learn? If one cannot stand side-by-side with someone and express their own opinions peacefully and with an open mind they will learn nothing.

I wish I could come up with something that would piss people off. :)

And no, I wouldn't be bothered by losing men as my followers because I write too calmly. NO WAY. :)

Deborah said...

Many very interesting reactions to your post, Nancy. I suspect that our blog personalities and presentations are not so very different from our real-life ones. On the whole, women generally seem to be more conerned with being 'nice' and not offending and that comes out in what they write as well.
I have never found your style to be negative and enjoy the varied topics you write about - the lack of sameness is what interests me.

Above all else, I enjoy good writing, no matter what the subject. A strong opinion, a thoughtful dicsussion, a rational analysis - those are all part of a good mix too. Although I am very removed from American politics, I find it heartening that many bloggers I come across who are US-based, are what we refer to here as 'liberal' and I enjoy reading what they have to say even though none of it impacts my daily life. (Some Canadians would argue that point!)

Personal stories are often fascinating but I return again to the deciding factor for my attention, and that is, good, evocative writing.

As with books, film and conversation, anything that is a little outside the 'norm' (and please don't think I'm being a snob) will attract fewer people, but if it's good, you'll have some very interested readers.

What makes my fingers fly is whatever happens to touch me emotionally. I tend to write about very personal things, particularly where it involves human fraility. I am fascinated by what people do, what makes them tick, what happens to them and how they cope.
I shall certainly keep listening to you.

Jo said...

Nancy ... Wow! I'm really glad you and I had this conversation about this topic, and you have done a post about it. I have had a chance to read all the comments here, and I am glad that most folks agree with us. My blog has become so boring, no one visits it anymore. :-)

Deboshree said...


You've hit the point!

I think we do look for "NICE" blogs. Nobody wants to listen to the ravings of a mind which continuously pours out negative thoughts. We all are here to share the stories of our life, be it happy, sad , boring or pathetic. All we want is for someone to understand and feel what we feel.
At the end of the day, we all look for HOPE. Nobody wants to read negative outpourings all the time even if it may be for a very good reason.
You guys are going through a tough period. There is no doubt about that. It is easy for me to say have faith but if I read sad posts about this particularly trying period, it is my job as a bloggy friend to be understanding and still have faith in you. That's what we are here for.Not JUST to judge, but to feel, help n empathize.
When I start following a blog, it is mainly 'coz of the person's perspective in life. When I read the thoughts of a person who has seen life n accepted it with all its colors, it pulls me towards them.
As for being nice, at least in my case, I feel like being nice because I like it that way myself but if there is something bugging me, I won't hesitate to write about it, however controversial it might be.

Great post Nancy..Thought provoking!!

Lots of love

Bogey said...

Well, talk about an aptly timed blog. It appears as though many of your followers are quite in tune with your topic based on the quantiity and quality of their comments. Not surprised though.

Blogging is a personl thing though and as far as I am concerned, people can write what and when they want. Of course, having said that, you will also get the kind of follower that can associate with the style or intellect of the person they are reading.

I know that I put a leash on my fingers from time to time because, first and foremost, I have a great respect for the people who do follow me. If I do step on any toes, whether intentional or accidental, I pray that the individual has the courage to tell me so. Which of course is why my eamil address is there.

I've said this before, a lot of people put great effort into the blogs that they create. It is only fitting to treat them with that kind of respect. There are of course some individuals out there which I have noticed, only want to see their face splattered all over the Blog world with little or no interest to the blog that slapped their face to. I think we can do without that kind of stuff.

Also, I try to ensure that I visit everyone of the blogs that I follow as time permits. Some days are just more hectic than others. Some bloggers are more prolific while others post one or two a week. So it is all about balance. But I know one thing is for sure, when I visit your blog Nancy, I always leave here either with a smile on my face or with something to think about.

susan said...

I have a number of diverse interests so my favorite thing has been to write about some of them. When it comes to moderate levels of grumpiness about topical subjects regarding ecology and the economy I let Crow have the keyboard. Neither of us will go near politics with a ten foot pole.

Reya Mellicker said...

Great post, Nancy!

I try not to think in terms of "positive" or "negative" but more about whether what I'm posting is sincere, potent, and feels true to me.

Marguerite said...

You certainly know how to get people motivated, Nancy! That is one of many reasons that I love your blog. Your genuine kindness toward everyone is another. And your interesting topics and open minded approach, and the list goes on and on! You could write about dust and it would be interesting because you would present it in an interesting, fun way. And that, too, YOU'RE FUN! :)

Linda Pendleton said...

I love blogging. I can sometimes be very passionate about what is on my mind and I put it out there. So I know I can be liberal and controversial with some ideas but that is who I am. I try to be my authentic self.

I love sharing, and that is why I am a writer. In my books, fiction and nonfiction, I often say my writing goes "from flying angels to flying bullets" (referring to my nonfiction about the after life, angels, reincarnation and other spiritual and paranormal things, while my fiction is mystery and detective stories).

So I choose to have two blogs, one mainly for the spiritual, paranormal...the other for various things such as writing and writers, politics, current events, and whatever else I'm motivated to write about.

I follow a variety of blogs. And as we know, there is plenty of variety out there in cyberspace blogging.

Life normally has its ups and downs, either in a personal sense, in a community sense, in a world sense, and blogging will reflect that.

I also believe the longer someone has blogged the more free they become in expressing their ideas, their truths, their emotions.

Blogging also connects us...and expresses the six degrees of separation idea.

PeacefulWmn9 said...

I think this is why I have a number of blogs and websites, and write for so many other gives me all kinds of different avenues to express the proverbial good, bad, or ugly lol.

I believe in "reality" writing, but I like to separate one reality from another to be able to interact with a wider range of people.


Ruth said...

I faced this dilemma a couple years ago and started a separate blog called huffing. I didn't want my blog to go negative, so I went negative in a different space. synch-ro-ni-zing had evolved into a place of hope, and it just felt wrong to write my anger over the Bush administration, for example, there. But I still write or post negative things there if it is what is on my mind, such as domestic abuse which I posted recently.

We need to blog with integrity, be ourselves, do what we need to do. If people don't want to follow where we go, so be it. I just recently started following a woman who went through such horrific abuse from her father - which she is posting at the blog - that I almost can't bear reading it. I'm losing my unknowing. But this is our humanity.

ShazRon said...

Blogging forms part of a global social commentary. We are all part of that commentary, whether we are excellent writers, boring writers, controversial or safe writers, integral or false writers. Every person who blogs forms part of the whole and thus, observing the individual, gives us insight into the nature of the whole.

This excites me! This is something which gets my fingers flying.

I like that we have freedom to Blog as we desire and that we become representative of the "whole" as we do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy!
I personally blog without obligation, which to me, means I say what I want, I publish the comments I want, I block the users I want and I read the blogs I that I want to read. If a post is not to my liking, I skip it and come back the next time. If there are too many negative or whoa is me type of posts, I usually just stop following. You know my history, I have to keep my stress levels down and my mood up, so I tend to stick to friends and those who blog about positive, creative or fun things. That's my choice though! I don't like drama in my life, so I avoid it on the blogs too!

Fragrant Liar said...

I like to read engaging commentary about anything, but negativity (versus a fun rant) turns me off and I immediately say buh-bye. The qualties that are mostly likely to keep me on a blog are humor, optimism, playfulness and high intelligence. Yup.