Monday, November 17, 2008

What do you think?

What do you think about Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State? I can see pros and cons. On one hand, I think she is very well qualified, and would do an excellent job. She is not easily swayed and she is tough, not to mention very intelligent. On the other hand, she comes with baggage, i.e. Bill, a nasty run against Obama in the primary, and she is part of the "old" school in Washington. I think Obama is really smart keeping her in the loop, however, as she can be formidable if she is an enemy. Same for McCain. He has neutralized them by asking their help in being part of the solutions. Smart. Very smart. 

Some don't agree with the smart part.


Jo-Mama said...

I too have some reservations re: Hilary Clinton. I don't doubt her intelligence and she certainly has the ability to do a fabulous job as Secty of State. She has the respect and admiration of countries around the world. I see only one problem with her in the position and it is "Bill". I don't believe he can go about his own business and not interfere, spill the beans, or otherwise offer opinions on things he should not. He has a serious ego problem that is likely to go with him to the end. That is a major problem. If he can be held in check, she would be a great choice. I personally was hoping for Bill Richardson.

Lover of Life said...

Jo-mama - I agree with everything you said. Our friends also like Bill Richardson. Hmmmm - I hope Obama is doing the right thing with Hillary. I also worry about Bill - he was less than gracious when Hillary lost the primary.