Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Comet Ison

Comet Ison is heading our way. It will be passing Mars on or near October 1st, and will be visible in the sky sometime in November.

Should we be keeping an eye on Ison?

Sweeper effects happen with large objects passing through our solar system. This effect simply means asteroids, meteors, or comets that have big dust clouds push things out of their way as they come through. These objects could include space junk, which is an unbelievable problem, believe it or not.

This comet was only discovered in September of 2012, yet it is very bright, probably because it is spewing gas and dust from a fairly large nucleus. (The nucleus on this comet is also rather strange.)

NASA states that it will fly by the sun on November 28, 2013, and if it survives, it could be visible during daylight hours and shine as brightly as the moon.

Could this look like two suns?

The reason I ask this question is because of the work of the late Zacharia Stitchin and others that believe we are on an elongated, elliptical, orbit with a 12th planet called Nibiru. It comes around about every 3,600 years. He bases these claims on ancient Sumerian text. I won't go into the pros and cons of his work other than to say he believed when Nibiru returned it would look as though we have two suns.

Now, here is the interesting part. People are seeing colored balls of light all over the world. Many report balls of fire, or balls of red or pink lights, some have a green trail - some are moving fast like meteors and some are moving slow like UFOs. Many people are reporting increased military helicopters near these sightings. In fact, a law was passed that prohibits anyone from picking up pieces of meteors or other space debris that hits on federal land. In some instances it can be worth millions of dollars. Could this be why military helicopters are being seen in these areas?

There is a planned drill of our electrical grid in November. 

There is also talk of increased FEMA activity on the East Coast - all the way to Puerto Rico. Additional supplies have been ordered to be shipped no later than October 1st. Of course, this might not be related at all - maybe just a coincidence. But the fact the Air Force has shut down its program to monitor objects in our orbit seems rather coincidental as well. They say it is because of sequestration. Maybe so, but what about the person who was trying to come forward on the Clyde Lewis show who states all of her electronics were destroyed when she tried to call into his program as a whistleblower? She sounded terrified on last night's program. 

She stated Puerto Rico is seeing increased troop activity, strange skies - almost like a filter over half of the sky, strange weather, she said FEMA has extended rumor control in the area, and information to the US mainland is being filtered. People on the island are having very strange dreams about fire - catastrophic fire - hundreds of them, including soldiers. One little boy, who is autistic, drew a picture of the island being bombarded with balls of fire. She said people there are expecting some kind of extraterrestrial event, possibly the tip of the comet hitting the island or the ocean, causing a tsunami. One caller stated he lived on the island his entire life and had never seen such activity.

A doctor came on the program to back up what she was saying, and also discussed strange viruses and bacteria that have been found recently on the island. This immediately brought to mind Linda Moulton Howe's update on Dreamland regarding strange elk and deer die-offs in Montana and New Mexico.

And then there is Amauri Rivera who states he was abducted in 1988, and his story seems to dovetail with this story.

Her final advice?  Don't panic, but be prepared for emergencies. I think that is sound advice whether or not anything comes of this particular scenario.

One has to wonder - are we already beginning to see the effects of Comet Ison? And is it a comet, or something more?


Brian Miller said...

wow. well now that is def something to think about and not too far off from now either...

Nancy said...

Brian - Definitely weird.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Food for thought. I have trouble with some of these conspiracy theories, but the bottom line is that the government doesn't tell the truth, has never told the truth and never will - about anything. Fro Roswell to JFK, from the Iraq invasion to Syria, what do we really know?

Nancy said...

T&R - That's the problem, really. We can't depend on our government to tell us the truth about anything. We are left to find answers on our own. I actually tend to believe the average guy telling his story than the official one that comes from mainstream media.


what an intriguing post nancy - i've been out of the main stream of things a bit recently so really appreciate the info - particularly of interest to me [i also live on the east coast right now] is the thing of increased fema activity - and the planned drill of our electrical grid in november - and we all know the govt doesn't do anything w/o a reason whether we are aware of that reason or not - also - the comet doesn't seem to look like a comet to me - just sayin'...


ok - so i've now seen the videos on the ison [linked at "strange"] - and am speechless -

Nancy said...

Gypsy - Hi!! Yes, this is pretty strange. I'm not sure what to think. The stuff going on in Puerto Rico is pretty wierd, too.