Monday, August 6, 2012

You're Right Where You Need To Be

The realization that I'm right where I need to be has been a very recent discovery. I think we spend an enormous amount of time thinking about where we need to be and lose track of the fact that everything flows in its own time. We learn those things we need to know when we need to know them - and not before. That is how our world is designed.

It's been a challenge for me to relax in that thought. I am only responsible for what I put into the matrix, certainly not responsible for what others feel obliged to offer up. My path is different from yours. You can't prescribe to me what is best for me because you simply have no idea what I need.

Humanity is evolving but in its own way and time. No one needs to feel responsible for anothers awakening or enlightenment because the Universe is designed to create just what is needed for each individual when it is needed.

Synchronicity. Just follow the signs.

For a great talk on this subject go here.


Brian Miller said...

it is a hard concept to grasp...depending on how much you like where you are at...smiles...but that does not negate the truth of it...

Rob-bear said...

I have this unmitigated feeling of dread; if I'm exactly where I need to be, I'm in deep, deep trouble with the universe.

Sorry for raining on your theory. But things are getting un-Bear-able.

Nancy said...

Brian - It is hard to understand, I know.

Rob-bear - Those times - those black night of the soul times - are often the jump off point to something new.

Cloudia said...

Oh thank you for sharing this message. Me TOO! Recent. . . too recently do I understand this. But regret is another waste so I'm gonna enjoy being Right where I need to be!

Thanks, Hon

Wishing You a Sweet Week
with Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Yes, indeed! Great post, Nancy.

ds said...

I'm still having a tough time with that one...even though it makes perfect sense.

Hilary said...

That sounds exactly right to me. And always good to be reminded. Thanks for that.