Thursday, November 3, 2016

Glioblastoma IV

It has been some time since I've written here. I know my blogging friends have moved along, many no longer blogging themselves, but I have a renewed interest in writing my thoughts. Long gone are the days when I had nothing more to worry about than what would be an interesting topic for my blogging friends. Instead, I find myself caught up in life and death issues far sooner than ever expected.

My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma IV in May, 2016. After a surgery that removed the mass from the right side of his brain, he was left with radiation and chemotherapy. It has now been five months and we are no longer able to plan years ahead, instead we plan only weeks ahead.

Glioblastoma IV is essentially a death sentence. Only 3-5% of patients live longer than 12-15 months. Of course, like so many others, we intend to be in that 3-5%.

I've finally given into Facebook because they have several support groups for this unfortunate disease. I find myself hanging around the only people that understand just exactly what this disease is, and can do, to the people you love the most. It takes everything from the victim long before it takes their life.

So I may use this forum for myself. To vent, to cry, but more importantly to connect with my writing once again.

I have a feeling I'm going to need it.


37paddington said...

Dear Nancy, I am so sorry to hear this! I have missed you, but am glad to see you here now, glad you will give yourself the outlet of writing as your process this difficulty new stage of life. I will be here with you, reading, witnessing, praying in the way I do, for you, your husband, your family. May your beloved be in that 3-5%. Sending love.

Kathy G said...

Some of us are still here, patiently waiting for you to show up in our feedreader :-) May I pray for your husband?

Nancy said...

37 Paddington - Thanks so much. Prayers are always appreciated :-)

Kathy G - You may definitely pray for my husband - thank you so much.

luksky said...

Well, I'm still in bloggerland and I'm very sorry to hear of your circumstances. Coincidentally, I came across something not long ago that may be informative for you.

Lindz said...

We're here for you Nancy (and Jen) - girls day, night, whatever you need. We love you.

Nancy said...

luksky - thank you so much for the link. It is one that I hadn't come across and has lots of information pertinent to how we're approaching this.

Lindz - Thank you so much, you're a dear. Please be there for Jen. I know she is struggling with trying to be strong holding us both up at times. The shock is starting to wear off and I'm feeling stronger, but I know she is going to need you in the future. Hugs to you and your family.

Linda Myers said...

Welcome back to your online community. We are here for you.

Nancy said...

Linda - Thank you :-)

Hilary said...

Nancy, I'm so sorry to hear this. I will keep you, your husband and family in my best thoughts. Wishing you both strength and love.

Nancy said...

Hilary - Nice to hear from you again, and thank you so much.

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