Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Favorite Interview!

I posted on this a few years ago, but Dr. Kashonia just sent it to me again and as I was listening to it, I knew I needed to repost the link. I have listened to hundreds of interviews over the last couple of years but this is one of my absolute favorites! Unfortunately, Dr. Harper passed away just 36 hours after giving this interview so we no longer have his brilliant mind on this planet. If you have the time, and need something that is uplifting and educational, then this is the interview for you.

From Dr. Kashonia's email to me:

Dr John Jay Harper was a futurist, body-mind-spirit research scientist, public-speaker, and writer.

He was a graduate of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy; California College for Health Sciences; and Central Washington University; a veteran of the U.S. Army; a retired computer specialist; electronics engineer; and senior mental health counselor with the Department of Defense.

Prior to his sudden and very sad death, John was an international talk show guest and seminar leader speaking to the purpose of the galaxy-sun-earth pole shift alignment process in era-2012 and its impact on the evolution of human consciousness.
He authored the book Transformers: Shamans of the 21st century, and was one of the most passionate speakers I've heard in a long time.

John believed that our task at this time is to become "shape-shifting shamans ...; to master trance techniques of telepathy and travel at will into the outer reaches of inner space - The Fifth Dimension".


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Oh, can't wait to listen to this! Thanks for posting, Nancy.

Nancy said...

T&R - You may have already listened to this, but it is worth a second time, I think.

Subhash said...
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Subhash said...
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