Monday, July 23, 2012

Smart Talk

I've been following a new genre - Smart Talk Radio. That is my interpretation of alternative radio programs that allows one a break from reading. It alleviates the need to sit still! One can learn while doing other tasks. It's been the perfect avenue for me to remove myself from the chair and still absorb the types of material that is of interest to me, personally. 

Most of the programs are downloadable so you can put them on your I-Pod and listen to them while you're driving, gardening, cooking, or working on mundane tasks. I have a tendency to turn it on when I'm doing housework and especially when I begin to prepare dinner. It's like having a friend in the room that talks about the sorts of things that interest me. Have you ever noticed how much of your time is spent talking to friends and family about things that are not all that interesting to you? If I started to talk about what actually interests me, my friends would roll their eyes and think I've gone over the edge. So instead, we talk about the weather, economy, future retirement, houses, cars, children, grandchildren - well you get the picture. There is never any discourse on UFOs, physics, evolving consciousness, or the matrix of control that we seem to be caught up in. Chem Trails have never come up in polite conversation.

There are many radio programs out there. Some are better than others. I like Red Ice Creations out of Northern Europe, Veritas Radio, and Coast to Coast. They seem to be professionally produced, and have high quality sound. But there are many to choose from. You can find a radio program that follows any interest you may have. Most have a segment that is free and then for the second hour you need to be a subscriber. They usually charge $6-8 per month, or pennies a day. For the price of a latte you can have access to some of the deepest thinkers of our time. In fact the website we discussed starting last month was going to eventually have a radio segment. (It is still on the back burner.) 

I may not always understand or agree with what is being said, but I like to listen and store the information. Sometimes little bits and pieces of information can come together, completing a picture of something you may not have even known that you were interesting in knowing!

Keeping in mind that everyone needs to make a living, paying these people such a small sum to keep me entertained and intrigued seems like a good use of my time and money. Listening to these people talk before buying their book, CD, etc, would have saved me many hundreds of dollars over the years. I can't tell you how many books I've bought and abandoned.

If you have a favorite, please let me know. If I find others that might be of interest to you I will post about them. In the meantime, listen to a segment with Neil Kramer (episode number 186) on Veritas,  he is so good at verbalizing what many of us are thinking and feeling right now.


susan said...

You're right it can be hard finding people who are interested in esoteric topics of conversation. Of course, one also doesn't want to go so far out there that there are no common frames of reference from which to draw reasonable conclusions.

I just bookmarked the Neil Kramer talk and will give it a listen tomorrow.

Nancy said...

Susan - Absolutely true. I find it's just easier to not talk about esoteric topics at all. There is rarely any discussion. Most people don't even think about those sorts of things. I think you will like Neil Kramer - his is very knowledgeable. He's just written a new book which I have downloaded to my I-Pad but have not started yet, but it's supposed to be a very empowering read. Let me know how you like the talk on Veritas.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Great info here. Thanks for posting

Rob-bear said...

You're dealing with technology that is past Bear's understanding. I'm glad you find it useful. When I want something like that, I'll check out a TED video. They get my attention, and then some.

musingsoncountryliving said...

hi nancy... i have not been by blogger for so long and have lost touch with friends...i saw your name on susan's post and hurried over. i do listen to coast to coast too but mostly get mad at george as he's getting a bit dense, in my opine... i had thought you had started a website but perhaps not yet? i will look into your suggestions if i can get them here, as i too love radio...i hate to sit and listen or watch anything that makes me stay planted... a bit add i think :) xoxo

Nancy said...

Rob-bear - I like TED as well. Good stuff.

musings- Hi - like you, I miss my blogging friends! I like Coast to Coast but have to admit some of the programs are not anything I'm interested in. That's why I like to be a subscriber - I can pick and choose which programs I'm willing to listen to without commercial breaks. The website is on hold until Trish and Jen are able to collaborate. Their lives took a turn for the busy, but we still want to do it. Trish thought in October, but we'll see.